What is Land Use Planning?

Land use planning is about the management of growth and development.

“Land use planning helps municipalities 

  • to build homes and factories
  • to put parks and schools
  • roads, sewers and other essential services are needed

Land use planning helps each community to set development goals while keeping social, economic and environmental factors in mind. It also balances the interests of individual property owners with the wider interests of the whole community.” (From the Citizen’s guide to land use planning)

The Official Plan

Front of Yonge Township Council adopted a new Official Plan in 2018. This planning document sets out general policies for land development, land division, and various land uses, and must address matters of Provincial Interest. These include Provincially significant wetlands and woodlands, as well as Areas of Natural and Scientific Interest. The Official Plan does not, by itself, control or regulate the development of land. Detailed control and regulation is implemented through the Zoning by-law.

Download Official Plan
Download Schedule A
Download Schedule B
Download Appendix A

The Zoning By-Law

Front of Yonge’s Zoning By-law was adopted by Council in September of 2018. Many amendments have been made since that time, and have been consolidated into the current by-law, as of January 2023. 
The Zoning By-law is the legal framework used to implement the Official Plan. It gives detailed regulations for land uses and development It also contains general provisions as well as specific zoning provisions for each of the land use zones in the Township.

Download Zoning By-law
Download Zoning By-law Schedule A
Download Village of Mallorytown Enlargement
Download Graham Lake Enlargement

For all planning applications, including zoning by-law amendments, official plan amendments, site plan control and minor variances, click HERE to access the application.


Severance proposals must meet all the policies and requirements of the Township’s Official Plan, Zoning By-law and related provincial policy and other regulations in order to be recommended to the approval body.

The United Counties of Leeds & Grenville is the approval body for both severances and plans of subdivisions. Procedures related to both severances and plans of subdivision processes are outlined in the Planning Act and related regulations.

Severance Guide
Severance Pre-consultation Form
Application for Consent

Cannabis Information

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