Message from the Chief
“Statistics reveal that most fires are caused by careless behavior.  An ounce of prevention in this case will save lives, homes, and everything that we hold dear.  It is the responsibility of every Canadian to educate themselves on the simple fire prevention measures they can take.”
Garage and Workroom

  • Store flammable materials in approved containers away from any possible ignitable source
  • Install and know how to operate appropriate fire extinguishers
  • Keep the area clean by removing garbage, papers, rags, and wood shavings

Basement and Attic

  • Have at least one detector on each floor of your home
  • Do not store propane indoors
  • Have furnaces and chimneys maintenanced and cleaned by a professional annually


  • Have at least one smoke detector outside each sleeping area
  • Check electrical items for damage and replace them
  • Do not smoke in sleeping areas
  • Provide exit routes from bedrooms, including escape ladder for 2nd floor rooms

Living Room

  • Do not overload electrical outlets or extension cords and keep them accessible
  • Never leave a lit candle or smoking wick unattended and keep items that can support a flame out of reach from children
  • Always use a properly sized fire screen for fireplace openings
  • Never leave cigarettes in an ashtray unattended or near furniture.  Use double rim ashtrays with a deep centre


  • Never leave your cooking unattended and keep a pot cover nearby to smother out flames
  • Check appliances for damaged electrical cords and thermostats and replace them
  • Use appliances with automatic shut-offs and keep the appliances and cooking area clean
  • Cook on back burners and temperature-controlled items to avoid accidental burns