Learn more about the Fire Trucks used to protect our community.

Pumper 1

Pumper 1 is our water supply and reserve pumper. At large fires Pumper 1 is taken to the water source to refill tankers. It is also used as our primary pumper when Pumper 6 is out of service. Pumper 1 was our primary pumper for vehicle and rescue related incidents prior to the arrival of Pumper 6 in 2021.


Tanker 2

Tanker 2 is our mainline tanker. This unit is mostly used for water shuttle at fire scenes. Also used as a blocker truck for highway calls.


Truck 3

Truck 3 is our crew vehicle. This unit is used when extra firefighters are required to respond to a scene. When a crew is requested for mutual-aid from a neighbouring department, Truck 3 will respond with crew and the required equipment. Also used to transport the brush fire trailer.


Rescue 4

Rescue 4 is our rescue unit. This unit does not carry hose, but carries equipment. with a walk-in section in the back, it carries 24 sets of bunker gear, 7 SCBA packs, 4 walk-away SCBA seats in the rear, 24 spare SCBA bottles, spare hydraulic unit, generators, fire extinguishers, and forcible entry hand tools.


Tanker 5

Tanker 5 is our mutual-aid tanker. when a tanker is requested out of the township, Tanker 5 responds with crew of 2. Also used for water shuttle and a blocker truck.


Pumper 6

Pumper 6 is our primary fire suppression and rescue vehicle. Pumper 6 carries a wide variety of tools, including our hydraulic extrication tools (Jaws of Life) and lifting airbags.


Rescue 7

Rescue 7 is our mainline medical assist vehicle. When a call is received for a medical assist, Rescue 7 and a 4 man crew respond. Equipped with medical gear, Rescue 7 is used to provide first aid while waiting for an ambulance.


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