By-laws & Policies

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Asset Management Plan

ATV By-law

Building By-Law

Council Code of Conduct

Dog Control By-law

Fencing By-law

General Fees and Rates By-law

Keeping of Backyard Poultry in the Village of Mallorytown

Legislative Procedural By-law & Amendment to Procedural By-law

Noise Control By-law

Open Air Burning By-law

Parking By-law

Safe Property By-Law

Swimming Pool By-law

2022 Accessibility Status Report












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The Village of Mallorytown is the primary hub of the Township. There you will find their Township, Fire Hall, Elementary School, Post Office, Legion and Recreation Park. Other local attractions include:
1514 County Road 2
P.O. Box 130 Mallorytown,
ON, K0E 1R0
Grocery Store, Auto Repair
Community Centre, Mallory Coach House
Library, Physiotherapist
Hair Salon and Massage
Tel: 613 923-2251
Fax: 613 923-2421

Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 4:30pm
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