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Administration Department

Jennifer Ault – Clerk/Zoning Administrator
Jennifer Dunster – Administrative Assistant
The Administration Department is responsible for providing a wide range of services, such as:

  • Legislative advice to Council
  • Implementing Council decisions
  • Providing reports/research material to Council
  • Managing municipal elections
  • Maintaining the public record
  • Assisting township residents with their needs and concerns
  • Assisting other township departments/personnel with their administrative needs
The municipal office is open Monday-Friday, 9:00am – 4:30pm.


Treasury Department
Sherry Reed – Treasurer/Tax Collector
The Treasury Department provides all accounting and treasury services for the Township including:
  • Preparing the annual municipal budget
  • Preparing property tax bills and revenue collection
  • Administering accounts payable and receivable
  • Responding to ratepayers regarding Township financial matters
  • Administering staff payroll
By-law Enforcement Department
Lianne Ruttan, Frontenac Municipal Law Enforcement Inc. By-law Enforcement Officer
The By-law Enforcement Department provides enforcement of many By-laws to the Township, and is purely complaint driven. If you need to make a complaint, please complete the online form (a hard copy is also available at the Township Office) listed under ONLINE FORMS. This form will be directed to the By-law Enforcement Officer and appropriate action will be taken.


Public Works Department
Colin Anderson – Director of Public Works
Marvin Winter – Lead Hand
James Johnston – Equipment Operator
The Public Works Department maintains all Township-owned roads and consists of our Director of Public Works, Lead Hand and Equipment Operator. The department is busy throughout the year with plowing/sanding, snow removal in the winter, and road construction projects in the summer. Regular maintenance includes applying stone, grading, ditching and brush/tree cutting.
Some other areas managed by the Public Works Department include the Waste Disposal Site, Recreation Park, Mallory Coach House, Library/Community Centre and the Road of Remembrance Site.


Building/Planning Department
Tracy Gallipeau-Nolan – Chief Building Official
Jason Myre – Deputy Chief Building Official/Building Inspector
Building staff are contract employees, who work on an ‘as needed’ basis.  They are usually available on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings.  Please contact the Township office in advance, to book an appointment or inspection.


A building permit is required for buildings and demolitions within the Township. A copy of our building permit applications and permit packages can be found on the BUILDING page or can be obtained at the Township Office.


Waste Disposal Site
Colin Anderson – Director of Public Works
The Waste Disposal Site is located at 102 County Road 5 N.
Front of Yonge Township offers a full recycling program at their waste site. For more information on what is accepted at the site and to view the fee schedule, please contact the Township Office or check under Waste Disposal Site Heading or ONLINE FORMS.


Fire Department
Greg Halladay – Fire Chief
Mike Purcell – Deputy Fire Chief


The Front of Yonge Township Volunteer Fire Department is made up of approximately 25 firefighters.  The Fire Hall is located at 1491 County Road 2.
Firefighters are trained in all aspects of fire fighting, including shore-based water rescue due to the extensive waterways found in the Township.