Several facilities are available for celebrations and meetings in the Township.

  • The Community Centre located at 76 County Road 5 provides an indoor space with adjoining kitchen and washroom facilities.  An elevator, as well as chairs and tables are available.  This is a great location for business functions with several projector screen spaces.
  • Mallory Coach House has a newly built kitchen and is now wheelchair accessible.  The space offers modern amenities surrounded by historical artifacts with a view of the Heritage Gardens.  The Mallory Coach House is at 1523 County Road 2.
  • Recreation Park is an outdoor area with a play structure, soccer fields, tennis court, and more.  A roofed in picnic tables provide a shaded space, and a large parking lot accommodate large groups.

Booking requests can be made to the Township Office by phone or email, who will confirm that the date and time is available and any instructions or cost involved.  Typically the date and time are responded to the same day the request is made for the Community Centre.  As the other locations are overseen by Committees, requests may take longer.

Personal Use Per Hour Per Day
Based in the Township $ 10.00 $ 50.00
Table Fee
(for rentals $20 and up)
$ 15.00


Non Profit Organization Min. Rate Per Day
Based inside the Township See Personal Use Fees
Based outside the Township $20.00 per hour
$100.00 daily
Table Fee ( for rental $20.00 and up) $15.00


For Profit Organization Min. Rate Per Day
Based inside the Township $ 50.00 $ 75.00
Based outside the Township $ 75.00 $125.00
Table Fee $  15.00


Note the locations will not be rented for religious or “adult entertainment” purposes.
Weddings and wedding receptions are permitted.