If you are not sure whether an item is recyclable or not, please contact the office.  Below is a table of frequently asked about items.

Plastic Toys and Furniture
without recycling labels #1-6
Plastic Tubs or Jugs #1-6
Yogurt Cups (Clean)
Attached Foil Lids
Milk Bags – Outer
Milk Bags – Inner (1 Litre)
Bread Bags
Zip Lock Bags
Produce Bags
Cellophane, Plastic Wrap
Blister Packs, Clam Shells
Rigid Liners from Cookie Bags
Plastic Cup Lids with Symbol
Tim Horton Cups
Paper Plates – Clean
Paper Plate or Cups – Used
Pizza Boxes – Clean
Pizza Boxes – Used
Boat & Shrink Wrap
Agricultural Wrap
Milk & Juice Cartons
Facial Tissues, Gift Wrap
Motor Oil or Antifreeze Containers
Propane Tanks and Cylinders
Paint Cans

Composting is a great way to properly dispose of waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

We have provided helpful links if you are interested in composting.

Environment Canada

Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

Compost Council of Canada