Dog Control and Licensing

Lost and Found Dogs
If you have lost or found a dog please call the Township Office immediately. After office hours or on weekends/holidays please contact 1-844-541-3213.

Front of Yonge Township contracts pound services to the Brockville OSPCA.  The number for the Brockville OSPCA is 613-345-5520.  Any owners of dogs that have been impounded are responsible for all impound fees, fines and must purchase a dog tag before the dog will be released.

Dog Tags
The 2024 dog tags are now available. Until March 31st, the cost per tag is $12.50 for spayed and neutered dogs, $20.00 for non-spayed and non-neutered dogs.   After March 31st, the price of tags will double.

Payment can be made through online banking or by mailing a cheque. Please send us your dog(s) information (name, age, colour , breed, sex, etc.) and we will mail your tag(s) to you.

No person shall operate a kennel in the Township unless he/she has obtained a license for such kennel under the provisions of the By-law #12-17. Fees for a hobby kennel are $100.00, and $150.00 for a commercial kennel.

For more information of running a kennel in Front of Yonge Township refer to the By-law for the Licensing, Regulating and Keeping of Dogs #12-17 or call the Township office at 613-923-2251.

Dogs at Large
No person shall allow a dog to run at large in the Township of Front Yonge. Any dog found running at large may be seized and/or impounded. The owner of the dog which is found to be running at large is in contravention of the By-law may be issued an Offence Notice or Summons by the Municipal By-law Officer or Dog Control Officer.

Noise and Nuisance
Every person or owner of a dog who allows waste to be deposited on private property or property of the Corporation,  without authorization from the owner, is guilty of an offence.

A dog shall be considered a public nuisance if:

  • It persistently barks, howls or there are repeated instances; or
  • It causes damage to public or private property, including injury to livestock and poultry; or
  • It interferes with or dumps or scatter garbage or trash; or
  • It persistently chases people using public or private property adjacent to the property where the dog or dogs are kept or harboured.

For residents who wish to lodge a complaint about a dog(s) running at large or being a nuisance they may fill out a complaint form at the Township office and will be followed up the by-law enforcement officer. Please note that all complaints filed are kept confidential.

Click Here To read the Dog Control By-law