The Open Air Burning Permit Pamphlet is a handy reference for residents who wish to obtain a burning permit

How do I obtain permission to burn?

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Note – if the Fire Department is called and no authorization has been obtained, you are liable to pay costs for the Fire Department and/or charged under the Ontario Fire Code, or both.

Regardless if authorization was obtained, the person who starts a fire is responsible for any effect that fire or smoke may have on neighbouring persons or property.


Open Burning Guidelines and Regulations


  • Burn only when winds are calm or light
  • Clear an area of about 25′ in diameter around burn site (remove  debris & vegetation)
  • Ensure there are no overhanding branches or bushes
  • Keep fire small and feed material into it gradually
  • Have fire suppression equipment readily available – shovels, rakes, water supply
  • Never leave a fire unattended, and make sure it is out before leaving the area


  • Campfires are defined fire used for cooking and/or the enjoyment of human companionship
  • Burning brush or grass in a pit is not considered a campfire
  • Campfires should not exceed 3′ in diameter
  • Rocks or other non-combustible materials should be used to contain the fire
  • Ensure your fire is completely out before leaving it


  • Clear an area of 25′ in diameter around the barrel and keep area free from long grass and debris
  • Use rocks, etc. under and around barrel, or turn soil over
  • Make sure a screen covers the top to prevent sparks from blowing out
  • Burn combustibles (paper or wood) ONLY – NO food scraps or household garbage
  • Do not burn packaging with shiny or waxy finish (e.g. milk cartons, pet food bags)
  • Never leave barrel unattended – fines will be laid against violators
  • Use a metal barrel that is in good condition
  • Use a heavy mesh screen on top of the incinerator that is less than 7mm (1/4″)
  • Weight the screen with a rock or brick to prevent it from falling off
  • Have fire suppression equipment readily available at all times – shovels, rakes, water supply


  • Residents must call: (613) 704-6161 to check the current burn status each time before performing any burn
  • Permits are effective only on the date and time specified
  • If for any reason the fire cannot be started within the date and time specified, permission to change the date or time must be obtained from the issuing office
  • The permit holder assumes full responsibility for the conducting of open air burning
  • All open air burning shall be attended at all times
  • Grass, brush or other materials must be placed in a pile and burnt in such a manner that the fire is kept in control at all times
  • Burning large areas such as ditches or fields is not permitted under this by-law
  • No open air burning shall be stated or maintained when the wind is in such a direction as to cause a decrease in visibility on any highway or travelled road or any odour that causes discomfort to persons living in that area
  • No open air burning shall be started on days of adverse weather conditions such as rain, fog, or other conditions that prevent the ready dispersion of smoke
  • Materials to be burned must not include petroleum productions, plastics, rubber, or other materials prohibited by the Ministry of Environment
  • The authorization of open air burning is automatically withdrawn during any period of a Fire Ban declared by the Fire Department or the Ministry of Natural Resources
  • The undersigned, when setting an authorized open air burn, acknowledges responsibility for controlling it and for all Fire Department costs and charges.  The costs are calculated as follows: $450 per vehicle for the first hour or part thereof (or the current MTO rate), $225 per vehicle for each subsequent half hour or part thereof (or the current MTO rate)