Local History Books

The Last Front: A People’s History of Mallorytown & Front of Yonge Township, 2014, is according to the publisher “a peculiar mixture of minute detail and cracker barrel observation combined with straight historical observation and records.

The hardships were unbelievable – a family of 4 was wiped out, another man was tomahawked, parents raised 8, 10, 12 children though eking out a bare existence and more.”

Learn what life in each hamlet was like and what made them unique – read their stories as they capture life as it existed then.

Net proceeds of this book are also going to the Mallory Coach House. $20 plus shipping where applicable.

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Fact. Folklore, and Fiction The History of Mallorytown, now in its 4th printing, takes the reader back to the 1800’s when the village was prospering and growing due to the entrepreneurship of new settlers. Follow the growth and prosperity to the mid 1900’s focusing on the business community and highlighting the Mallorytown Glass Works, the 1st Glass Works in Canada.

Net proceeds of the book go to the Mallory Coach House, Mallorytown.

$20 plus shipping where applicable.

Visit www.davewells.ca for more information.