Welcoming New Businesses

Building the Idea
All businesses start with an idea and can take many people to transform it into a reality.  The Township Office is ready to assist you by answering any zoning and building by-law inquiries and offering resources to help you on your way.  You are also welcome to attend Community Development Committee meetings to see how the Township is working on ensuring economic sustainability for the area.
Where to Start
There are several local, provincial, and federal resources to help you get started on creating your business.  They will help you prepare for what starting and running a business will entail, as well as any legal and financial protocols that must be followed.  Some sources have been linked below.

Leeds and Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre
1000 Islands Community Development Corporation
United Counties of Leeds and Grenville

Ontario Source for Business
Ontario Business Program Guide

Canada Business Network
Service Canada
The Front of Yonge Township has a wide diversity of home-based and commercial businesses.  Being located along major routes and in close proximity to larger cities, makes this area the ideal location to operate a business.
Visit our Available Properties Page to see some of the potential locations for commercial use.  If you are interested in starting a home-based business, please consult with the Township Office to learn about the necessary steps.
Growing Your Business
The Front of Yonge Township wants you to succeed and provides services to help bring your new business to the public.  Our Business Directory lists vital information and your opening date would be posting on the Events Calendar at your request.  Occasionally, a Committee member may approach you about additional opportunities, and most meetings are open to the public.