By-law Enforcement

How are by-laws enforced?

Front of Yonge Township Council has appointed a By-law Enforcement Officer with the authority to enforce all by-laws passed by the Township.

The By-law Enforcement Officer responds to complaints lodged by residents of the Township and investigates any incidents in order to determine if there is a violation taking place. If a violation is noted, the Enforcement Officer follows the procedure established in relation to that particular by-law in order to rectify the situation.

Lodging a Complaint

Have you seen a violation? Do you wish to lodge a complaint? The Township needs your help to properly enforce our by-laws.  All complaints must be made in writing to allow the Township to exercise its enforcement authority. Your identity will not be released unless the matter proceeds to a court of law.

The Township’s Complaint Form can be accessed here: and can be delivered to the Township Office or email to

Safe Properties By-law

The Safe Properties By-law is designed to provide protection to the public with regard to health and safety issues. The by-law establishes the standards that must be adhered to in order to comply with the by-law.

The Safe Properties By-law establishes the standards for the maintenance and occupancy of properties within the Township of Front of Yonge.
The Safe Properties By-law can be viewed here.